Monday, October 29, 2012

BCA is Giving Back!

We have some great news! As a big THANK YOU to all of our fans, we wanted to give back!
Each month we will be doing a raffle/giveaway. Each month you have a chance to win a $20 gift certificate to our featured designer! 

Awesome huh? So, how do I win this you ask? It’s EASY! For every item you purchase in one of our auctions during that month, you will automatically be entered into the drawing. How cool is that?!

Here is how it will work…
Category 1- spend between $1 and $20 you will earn 1 entry
Category 2- spend between $21-$40 you will earn 2 entries
Category 3- spend between $41-$60 you will earn 3 entries
Category 4- spend between $61-$80 you will earn 4 entries
Category 5- spend between $81-$100 you will earn 5 entries
Category Bonus- If you spend over $100 during that calendar month, you will earn an additional entry on top of what you already earned!

 So, let’s say you spent a total of $53 during the month of November. You would fall under Category 3 which earns you 3 entries.

 How about a bonus example? Let’s say you spend $113.
You will fall under Category 5 for spending $100 (gets you 5 entries)
and the extra $13 puts you under category 1 as well (gets you 1 entry)
PLUS you get a BONUS entry for going over $100.
So you would get a total of 5+1+1=7 entries!

We are super excited to be able to give back to our amazing fans and what better way to give back than with product of your choice?!

Our Thank You Raffles will begin November 1st and run through the end of November. Please keep in mind that this is only for items purchased through BCA auctions and not through the individual designers. The Raffle entries will start fresh on December 1st, on January 1st, etc.. We usually run between 3-5 auctions per month so that gives you plenty of chances!
Check out Boutique Challenge Auctions on Facebook! We have our Christmas/Holiday auction beginning November 2nd!

Our featured designer for the November raffle will be announced November 1st!

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