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BCA and brownie-goose Winter Wonderland Challenge (and giveaway)!

Boutique Challenge Auctions has teamed up with brownie-goose for a super fun challenge!

A little more about who brownie-goose is..

I am a girl that loves to sew. I am a girl that loves fabrics and trims and buttons and lace and all that jive. And I am a girl that enjoys designing patterns for you to sew. Most of all, I am a girl that loves the fact that sewing is cool again.

brownie-goose is named after 2 of my 4-legged children, my labs. I have a chocolate lab (my sidekick) named Mallard that we call "brownie, (sadly we lost my brown dog in may of 2013, we sure miss that boy!)" and a black lab (mixed with horse, she is huge) named Lucy that we call "goose." enter.....brownie-goose. :)

brownie-goose is definitely a Boutique Challenge Auctions favorite! Above are just a few of her amazing patterns. You really need to check out her shop to see the rest of the awesome creations!
Which brings me to the brownie-goose Challenge! Boutique Challenge Auctions is made of up several amazing designers, as you know. With every challenge, comes rules. Here they are!

-You must use a brownie-goose pattern as a base

-You must make a minimum of 3 changes to the pattern

-You can mash up multiple BG patterns or create your own changes

-All items must be Winter Wonderland themed and...

-All items must fit into one of the following additional themes: Vintage, Punk, OTT, Urban, or Country/Western.

-Examples: Your items will be one of the following: Winter Wonderland Vintage, Winter Wonderland Punk, Winter Wonderland OTT, Winter Wonderland Urban, or Winter Wonderland Country/Western.
We were super excited to get going on this challenge and really had to tap into our creative sides!

Our designers all have their own styles so you can definitely see that coming out in the designs.
Be sure to cast your vote for your favorite design by commenting on this blog post. Please do not submit as anonymous, as it will not count.
Designs made in this challenge are going up for auction so if you find one that you love, be sure to check out Boutique Challenge Auctions on Facebook, to place your bid!
Shall we see the designs?
Entry #1 is from custom giggles
Country Winter Wonders Dress
Theme- Country Winter Wonderland
Patterns Used- Hattie
Changes Made-
1. Removed the pleats from the bodice
2. Altered the collar to use bias tape
3. Lengthened the dress
4. Added the pocket topped with a burlap bow
To vote for custom giggles be sure to comment on the blog with #1!

Entry #2 is from Bumble Monkey
Theme: Urban Winter
Changes to Top: all knit, removed neck ruffle, one piece back, cropped
Changes to Pants: shortened, elastic at ankles
To vote for Bumble Monkey be sure to comment on the blog with #2!

Entry #3 is from Touch of Sophia
Theme: Vintage Wonderland
Patterns used: Betsy and Sleepy Jeans
Changes Made: Used Satin and Minky throughout the outfit.
Top: Changed the sleeves a bit and added Minky trim to both the sleeves and along the bottom which added some length. Added a satin sash sewn across the front and free to tie in the back. Shortened the neck ruffle to just a slight ruffle. Omitted the pocket.
Bottom: Altered the pattern into a size 8 (only went to 5). Did a double panel along the bottom above the ruffle and made the ruffle a bit smaller to just give it a little something but not take away from the dress. Omitted the buttons and ties along the bottom.
Then added a minky and satin hat to go along with the outfit
To vote for Touch of Sophia be sure to comment on the blog with #3!
Entry #4 if from Lily Shine Boutique
Theme: Vintage Wonderland
Patterns used: Betsy, Millie and Katie
Changes Made: Mashed the Betsy bodice, Katie apron, and the Millie skirt (omitted the sash). Used pom pom trim to add detail to the apron, Ric Rac on the sleeves instead of lace, and a stretch velvet for the bodice instead of woven.
To vote for Lily Shine Boutique be sure to comment on the blog with #4!

Entry #5 is from In the BUFF
Pattern: Katie + 2 men's dress shirts = mini steam punk

So this dress is based on the Katie top, first I realized the Katie doesn't go up to her size, so I upsized it to a 7/8 adding a little more length to the bodice in addition to width. I embellished the bodice front with the buttonhole placket from one of the upcycled shirts in a random zigzag.

Secondly I wanted a dress more than a top so I lengthened the bottom to skirt length. To this I added a wide ruffled lace at the hem and randomly sewed the buttons near it for a little something to peek through.

Third I replaced the apron of the Katie with an overskirt. This skirt gets it's billowy effect from several randomly placed pleats sewing in all directions. The final bit of lift on the left side is provided by several horizontal pleats held by shiny silver safety pins.
To vote for In the BUFF be sure to comment on the blog with #5!

Entry #6 is from Snickerdoodle Stew
Winter Wonderland- Country

It's funny how creations take on a mind of their own. This started out Urban, but all the ruffles, plaid, leafy, and hay colored fabrics just called out to be Country.
- I used the bodice from the Lazy Susan and made it reversible (you just can't see it in one shot!)
- I used the sleeves from Pepper's Dress and added ruffles instead of trim.
- I used the skirt from Pepper's Dress and added a ruffle.
- I added sashes to the sides.
- and the biggest challenge of all? I USED MUSTARD FABRIC!!!
To vote for Snickerdoodle Stew be sure to comment on the blog with #6!

Entry #7 is from Traveling Seams Bowtique
Theme: Winter Wonderland Vintage
Pattern: The Lazy Susan
Changes Made:
1. Added Long sleeves
2. Collar has been cut down lower to form a square collar instead of being straight across....
3. Added two pockets to the front bottom of the dress.
To vote for Traveling Seams Bowtique be sure to comment on the blog with #7!

Entry # 8 is from Snickerdoodle Stew
Theme- Winter Wonderland Vintage

I love the mix of the snowy white fabric with the red of the cardinals and poinsettias. The only thing missing here is real snow!

 Changes made:
-Added width to the skirt on the dress for fullness and length so it can be worn alone
-Added an attached sash
-Altered the hem ruffle on the sleeve and added an additional ruffle and trim, to mimic the details on the pants.

To vote for Snickerdoodle Stew be sure to comment on the blog with #8!
Entry #9 is from O Dark 30 Designs
Theme: Vintage Wonderland
Patterns used: Betsy and Sleepy Jeans
The Changes I made..
~ I added 4" to the sleeve to make it longer...
~ I reduced the length by 3" to make it more of a top then
a dress
~ I enlarged the pocket, added embroidery work, and
pleated the pocket I left off the lace , buttons and
gathering the top to better showcase the embroidery.
~ I reduced the neck Ruffle by 1/2" so it would lay a little
lower (my daughter does not like stuff up around her
~ Added a removable Broach made with a denim shabby
and vintage Button (had to have a button:)
~ Added Lace on the Ruffle to coordinate with the sleeves
~ Omitted the Buttons and decorative tabs
~ Added a 5x7 embroidery design
To vote for O Dark 30 Designs be sure to comment on the blog with #9!

Entry #10 is from Lily Shine Boutique
Theme: OTT Winter Wonderland
Pattern used: Seaside Shorts
Changes Made: lengthened to a boy board short cut, omitted buttons, omitted faux pocket flap and changed to full functional square pockets, added stuffed reindeer pocket toy attached to the back pocket on elastic, widened the bias tape trim to be more bold and used a full elastic waistband instead of a flat front.
To vote for Lily Shine Boutique be sure to comment on the blog with #10!

Entry #11 is from Makings for Myah
Theme: OTT Winter Wonderland
Pattern: Pepper Dress
I added an underskirt/ruffle below the top layer
I added ruffles to the sleeves rather than a band
I added a beautiful red bow rather than a tab on the back.
To vote for Makings for Myah be sure to comment on the blog with #11!

Entry #12 is from Oh! Sew Precious
Vintage Winter Wonderland
Pattern: the Hattie
-took out the pleat and added the tuxedo ruffle
-added a contrasting band that was inspired by the Lazy Susan...
-did not add cuff to the sleeves and added lace that was inspired by the Betsy
-instead of a fabric neck ruffle I used ruffled lace
To vote for Oh! Sew Precious be sure to comment on the blog with #12!

What amazing transformations, don't you think? Thank you to all of the amazing BCA designers for participating in the challenge and a huge thank you to brownie-goose for pairing up with us on this! We had a ton of fun!
Be sure to stop by brownie-goose and let her know BCA sent you!
Be sure to post a comment on the blog to vote for your favorite design! Make sure you put your name, as anonymous votes will not count.
You have a chance to win a $10 BCA Gift Certificate just for casting your vote as well! Check out the Rafflecopter below to enter. Simply show your support to each designer, comment on the blog, and enter with Rafflecopter below. 
 You do not have to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway to cast a vote.
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