Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So you want to be a BCA Team Member?

Have you visited our page and wondered how you could become a team member? Well now is your chance! We are opening to new designers!

First, a little about BCA. We are a team of designers who work together to offer our fans creations made from themes and challenges. For example, the team could be issued a specific theme, such as Rainbow, or Shabby Chic and they make beautiful items that fit within the theme. We also have challenges such as our Fat Quarter Challenge that our members participate in as well. In a Fat quarter challenge, we have groups of 10 ladies and each sends in 10 fat quarters and in exchange they receive 10 different fat quarters and are then required to make something using all of the fabrics received. They can use a little of each or a lot but they can only use the fabrics given and all of the fabrics must be on the item. It can be very fun and some are very challenging.

In our auctions all designers must submit handmade items or items that have been altered in some way. So things like petti-skirts or legwarmers that were not made by you would not be allowed, but denim jeans that have been altered to match an outfit are allowed.  It’s a great way for our designs to step out of the box and create items they may not create otherwise. In addition, our team members provide a huge support system for each other. We are all dedicated to helping each other grow and we all work together in a friendly competitive environment. There is absolutely zero drama tolerated while at the same time everyone is allowed to voice their opinions. We issue personal challenges to our members, cheer each other on, answer questions, offer suggestions, etc. The team is an amazing group of ladies who really know how to support each other.  
Check out the BCA Facebook page and Blog to learn more about us...

Now to the fun part: How to become a team member!
You must…
1.)Be willing to step outside of the box and try new things! Our comfort zone doesn’t allow us to grow :)
2.)Have the availability to be an active team member which not only consists of participating in challenges and themes but also being an active voice in the group and helping to spread the word.
3.)Know how to be professional. Customer service is #1 in this business and BCA prides itself on the customer service of our team members. Our fans know that we are a trusted group of designers and they will always receive the best customer service from everyone on the team. They never have to worry when shopping with us! Being professional also means knowing how to take feedback from others on the team. We are all here to support each other and only want the best for one other.
4.)Be willing to have a lot of fun!
5.)Get 3 sponsors from our current team. Part of being on the BCA team is being a part of the family. We are all getting to know each other outside of the professional world and this has been a great experience for our team members. So, to start the application process of becoming a team member, you must get to know at least 3 of our current members and have them sponsor you into the group. For them to sponsor you, it means that they have gotten to know you a little, are familiar with your work, and are willing to help you along in the process of possibly becoming a team member. So, find 3 members you’d like to get to know, take a look at their business pages, and start a dialogue!
Once all of this is in place, you will move on to the second phase of the admin taking a look at your application! We cannot guarantee a spot to everyone who applies but we promise to consider everyone interested. Head on over and fill out an application here…

So.. lets Meet the Team!
April from Touch of Sophia -
Jeanine from O Dark 30 Designs -
Teresa from Custom Giggles –

Team Members:
Amber from Oh! Sew Precious -
Amber from Sweet Junebilee -
Annelee from The Ruffled Cupcake –

Astrid from SIGnature Creations -
Buffey from In the BUFF –
Christina from The Purple Chameleon –
Candice from Faith’s Fashions –
Cassie from Lily Shine Boutique –
Deborah from Debboutique Kid’s Couture –
Elizabeth from Bumble Monkey –
Hannah from Annalie’s Baby Boutique –

Hope from Southern Ribbons -
Jennifer from JCool Creations –
Janet from Stewiecakes Boutique –
Jennifer from Southern Stitch Designs –
Jenny from Jaleigh Bean Bowtique –
Jenny from Bellabowz & Sewz –

Jessica from Snickerdoodle Stew -
Keleena from Pertyful Thangs –
Melissa from Busy Feet Designs –
Melissa from three Dutch Divas –
Michelle from Daydream Believer Designs –
Tami from Shelby Ryan Boutique –
Twila from Twila’s Sew N Sew –
Tiffany from Tinker Bunny Boutique –

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