Friday, March 29, 2013

Tea Party Fat Quarter Challenge

We had a Tea Party Challenge! 10 ladies participated in the challenge and it was a lot of fun!

-Each lady sent in 10 fat quarter pieces of the same fabric (18” x 22”) in a "Tea Party" theme.
-Once all fabric was received, each then received 10 different fabrics in return.
-Check out the fabrics below!

The ladies were then challenged to create something using only the fabrics received. No other fabrics were allowed to be used. It is a very hard challenge since no one knew what the other was sending in and some of the fabrics you would think would never go together, but they have! Take a look at the fabrics used as well as the amazing works of art created from these talented designers.

Entry #1

O Dark 30 Designs
Entry #2

Stewiecakes Boutique
Entry #3

Faith’s Fashions

Entry #4

Daydream Believers

Entry #5

Lily Shine Boutique

Entry #6

Kate’s Custom Cuties

Entry #7

Sweet Junebilee

Entry #8

The Day Before This Day

Entry #9

Oh! Sew Precious

When you are done drooling over their creations, why not cast your vote and enter to win a $10 BCA Gift Certificate! Be sure that you do not cast your vote as anonymous because it will not count. Just log into Rafflecopter below with your name and email or with facebook and enter to win!

Also, be sure to stop by our Facebook page this weekend because each amazing piece is being auctioned off! It's a great chance to get a truely one of a kind piece!

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  1. They are all great but #9 is my favorite.

  2. Love them all, but #6 is my favorite. Love that apron!

  3. This one is hard, But I have to go with #1 because I love the addition of the embroidery work and the pick style quilt stitching on it!

  4. Hard to choose! So many cute things, but my favorite is #9 by Oh! Sew Precious.

  5. Item #3, Faith's Fashion. super cute!!

  6. I love #2 from Stewiecakes Boutique!

  7. I love the dress from Daydream Believers! #4.

  8. All are awesome, but my vote goes to #9.

  9. I LOVEEEE them all!!! But I vote for #9

  10. #3 Faiths Fashions! :) - Krystal Starr

  11. Number 3, Faith's Fashion.

  12. Hard choice but I have to go with #9!! That bib is KILLING me with cuteness!!

  13. Love them! Number 3 is my favorite!!!!

    Ashleigh Brinkley

  14. #1 knocked this outta the park!

  15. Wow is it hard to pick just one, they are all beautiful!!! My favorite is #2 by Stewiecakes. I love the style of the dress.

  16. I love all the designs! # 4 Daydream Believers!

  17. # 1 is my Favorite. I Love all of the Embroidery Work.

  18. Number 1 has the Best creative use of mulit colors and patterns. Love this one of a kind .

  19. They are all amazing! Casting my vote for #9...Oh! Sew Precious!

  20. All so pretty, my favorite is #5 :)

  21. Dawn Sexton HerneApril 1, 2013 at 12:47 PM

    #6 is so awesomely cute!

  22. These are all awesome! I'm in LOVE with #4!! Great job!! :)

  23. They are all beautiful, but #7 is my favorite!