Saturday, July 6, 2013

I Spy

Who doesn't remember killing time as a child playing "I Spy"? As an adult, I still find myself playing this catchy game with my husband on long road trips. So why not bring the fun to BCA?!

Let me take a second to explain how this is going to work...

There will be 36 items to find (the "mystery items") over the course of the game. Each of these mystery items is a specific picture within one of our member designers' Facebook pages. Throughout the game (see the end date given below), new blog posts (one for each mystery item) will: (a) reveal the item's designer, (b) give a link to the designer's Facebook page, and (c) give a clue as to what the mystery item is. Some of the clues may be cryptic and some of them may be playful, but all of them will point you towards the mystery item in one way or another.

Each item will be revealed via a single blog post (the "item post"), where a single clue will be given. To make sure everyone is up to date, we will post an announcement on our facebook page whenever a new item post is added to the blog. There may be several items posted on any given day.

Once you think you have found the mystery item, paste a link to the picture as a comment in the item's post (where the designer was linked to and the clue was given here on our blog) and be sure to comment under your name. Anonymous comments will NOT be counted. The first person to comment under their name and with the correct link will be declared the "finder" of the mystery item. An edit to the item's post will let everyone know that the item has been found.

Once the game ends, all the "finders" (remember, there will be 36 mystery items, so we will have anywhere from 1-36 finders) will be entered into a random drawing for one of the prizes shown below.

The more items you find, the better your chances of winning one or more of these prizes!

The game will end on July 10th at 11:59:59 Central Time and no guesses made after this time will be considered.

Please 'like' the designers' page that the clue is given for. 



This game/contest/giveaway and the subsequent prize drawing (hereafter collectively "the game") is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Facebook, Inc. or any of its affiliated companies, subsidiaries, or partners (hereafter collectively "Facebook").

Although Facebook resources and/or services may be used to keep interested parties appraised as to the status of the game, no Facebook resources and/or services are used to administer the game, track participating contestants (hereafter collectively "players"), or award or distribute any prizes.

Players acknowledge that the game does require access to content made available via Facebook services (specifically, BCA member designers' Facebook pages and pictures posted therein), and further agree that Facebook is not liable for problems arising from use of their services for purposes of participating in the game or disputes related to winnings and the awarding of prizes.

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