Thursday, January 2, 2014

Open Call for Designers!

If you are interested in being a part of Boutique Challenge auctions, now is your time!  BCA is looking for a few designers to join the team.

Let's start with a little information about BCA!
We are a team of designers who work together to offer fans creations made from themes and challenges.
In auctions, all designers must submit handmade items or items that have been altered in some way.  It is a great way for designers to step out of the box and create items they may not create otherwise. 
In addition, team members provide a huge support system for each other. We are all dedicated to helping each other grow, and we all work together in a friendly competitive environment. There is absolutely zero drama tolerated while, at the same time, everyone is encouraged to voice their opinions. We issue personal challenges to  members, cheer each other on, answer questions, offer suggestions, etc. The team is an amazing group of ladies who know how to support each other.  
We are looking for a group of diverse designers who design items we are not currently offering. This does not mean that if you design something that is currently being offered you will not be considered-- Please apply!

Check out the BCA Facebook page and Blog to learn more about us...

Now that you know a little bit about BCA here is how to apply:
1. Be willing to step outside of the box and try new things! Our own comfort zone does not allow us to grow. :)
2. Have the availability to be an active team member. This not only consists of participating in challenges and themes but also being an active voice in the group. You must spread the word about every auction. We also require that you to participate in 1 out of every 3 auctions to remain active.
3. Know how to be professional. Customer service is #1 in this business and BCA prides itself on the customer service of team members. BCA fans know that we are a trusted group of designers, and they will always receive the best customer service from everyone on the team. They never have to worry when shopping with us! Being professional also means knowing how to take feedback from others on the team. We are all here to support each other and only want the best for one other. 
4. Be willing to have a lot of fun!

5. Fill out the application to become a member!
Meet the BCA team!
~Jeanine from O Dark 30 Designs -
~Teresa from customgiggles -

Team Members:
~Buffey from In the BUFF -
~Christina from The Purple Chameleon -
~Candice from Faiths Fashions -
~Elizabeth from Bumble Monkey -
~Hannah from Annalies Baby Boutique -
~Jennifer from JCool Creations -
 ~Janet from Stewiecakes Boutique -
~Jenny from Jaleigh Bean Bowtique -
~Jenny from Bellabowz & Sewz -
~Keleena from Pertyful Thangs -
~Lavinia from Handmade by Lavinia -
 ~Melissa from Busy Feet Designs -
~Melissa from Ashley Jeans Boutique -
~Melissa from three Dutch Divas -
~Twila from Twilas Sew N Sew -
~Jennifer Stone from Makings for Myah-

Open call will end on January 15th. :)

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