Friday, February 14, 2014

A Handful of Love! {A tutorial by BumbleMonkey}

Materials: burlap,
paint, paintbrush,
heart stickers,
tape, scissors

Ready to go!
To help cut down on the mess, I use a plastic tablecloth from the dollar store under all our projects. I used painter’s tape to tape off the burlap into squares. Cutting through the tape will help cut down on all the burlap pieces flying around the house.

Paint your littles hand all over THEN place your heart sticker(s) in the palm, turn hand over onto burlap and stamp. SUPER EASY!
We used foam stickers because that is what we had and they worked well. We used craft paint because it washes up easily. When using craft paint, paint and stamp fast! It dries quickly and doesn’t transfer well if you move too slowly.

We finished our projects by framing them in frames from the dollar store. These will make perfect gifts for the grandparents this year! A tutorial by BumbleMonkey !

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