Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Make Your Own Cooling Neck Wrap

Make Your Own Cooling Neck Wrap

~4”x44” strip of fabric*  
~2 TBS water beads (non-toxic, safe for use close to skin)
*When choosing fabric, consider the print and color. A smaller print will show better and you want to avoid colors/fabric that bleed when wet. I have used both woven cotton and cotton knit to make these before.


1~Cut your fabric strip approx. 4”x44” and iron                                  

2~Fold in half lengthwise, right sides together. Machine stitch or serge one end and the long side, leaving one end open.

3~ Turn tube right side out and iron

Measure, Sew, Fill
4~Mark Middle, mark 4” and 8” on either side of the middle

5~Stitch line completely across fabric (use a tight straight stitch, back-stitching at each end), start with the mark closest to the end that is already stitched closed, pour ½ TBS water beads into the tube. (my ½ TBS measure fits inside the tube, but you can use a funnel if you need) Using your fingers, work all beads down to your stitching.

6~Repeat step five for your next three marks. Stitch across your tube at your final mark to complete four separate filled pockets.

7~Fold fabric ¼” to the inside on the open end, stitch closed.

8~Clip threads and you’re done!

How to Use:
~To use, soak in water, it may take 15+ minutes the first time for the beads to fully soak. Wrap around your neck or head for cooling relief. When the kids and I are going on an outing, I place our neck wraps inside a double layer of zipper seal bags with a little water and ice. Easy to carry and ready to use; then I have the bags to put them back in when we are done.

Have a wonderfully cool summer!! ~Elizabeth


  1. Wonderful Tutorial! Thanks you so much Elizabeth for sharing it!

  2. well that looks cool! literally! :-) When I get settled in my new home, I am going to try this!

  3. How do you stored them until your next outing? Should they be kept in water?